MAC Lipstick Collection

One of my favourite posts to read are people’s MAC lipstick collections. I love seeing what other lipsticks girls have as it gives me ideas on which ones to purchase next to add to my ever growing collection. I also love seeing swatches of the lipsticks as sometimes they can come out differently to how they look! So without further-ado here’s my little collection.


So in my collection I have 8 lipsticks and in the below picture you will see that I tend to stick to similar shades – either really dark or nudes, I prefer brown nudes to pink nudes as I think the go better with my skin tone.

Left to right: Media | Studded Kiss | D for Danger | Whirl | Velvet Teddy | Faux | Please me | Creme Cup

Media & Studded Kiss
Now these 2 swatches look very similar however Media has a purple undertone whereas Studded Kiss is more of a deep red colour. I prefer the finish of Studded Kiss as it’s matte and Media has a satin finish which is slightly shiny. These 2 colours are perfect for the Autumn months.

2016-03-23 05.46.39 1-1.jpg

D for Danger & Whirl
I must admit I did think D for Danger was going to be a bit more pinker to how it comes out, it has more of a red undertone, but nonetheless it’s still a really pretty colour, especially for an evening out. Whirl is one of my favourite lipsticks ever! The colour is beaut, it’s such a lovely deep nude/brown and it goes on so smoothly and the matte finish isn’t too drying on the lips which is perfect! I’m yet to purchase the Whirl lip Liner but as a lot of you girls must know, it’s very hard to get your hands on!

2016-03-23 05.47.10 1-1.jpg

Velvet Teddy & Faux
My favourite lipstick ever, the popular… Velvet Teddy! I cannot recommend this lipstick enough!! If you haven’t already purchased it which I’m sure everyone has, go and buy it!! It’s a lovely pinky/beige matte colour and it goes on so smoothly, it’s such an easy colour to wear and it’s my go to lipstick every single day. I don’t find this as matte as Studded Kiss or Whirl though, it feels a lot creamier when applied. Velvet Teddy also goes perfectly with the lip liner in Spice. Faux is a similar colour to Velvet Teddy but it’s more of a pinker nude

2016-03-23 05.47.46 1-1.jpg

Please Me & Creme Cup
Onto to the last 2 lipsticks in my collection. I must admit these are the 2 that I barely/never wear and my reasons for this are; Please Me is too matte and drying on the lips for my liking and I don’t think that the colour suits me very well. As for Creme Cup as its a cremesheen finish I find that I doesn’t come out on the lips t all well, it’s very sheer and too shiny. Overall Creme Cup is my least favourite, but I bought this when I first knew about MAC and didn’t know what suited my skin tone etc!

2016-03-23 05.48.09 1-1.jpg

I hope you enjoyed having a look into my little collection! If you have any recommendations for me, please leave me a comment 🙂



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