How I Do My Eyebrows

I love seeing how girls shape and fill in their eyebrows, it’s a good way to get tips if you’re struggling with yours. Remember there is no right or wrong way to do this, different methods work for different people, and obviously everyone has a way they like their eyebrows to look compared to someone else’s.

Unfortunately I wasn’t blessed with full, nicely shaped eyebrows like most other girls and from the dreaded ‘over plucking’ stage in year eight of secondary school, it’s safe to say I hate my eyebrows! They definitely aren’t as bad as they used to be though, over the years the hair has grow back in the places I over plucked and as I’ve grown up I’ve learnt how to shape them properly!

How I do my eyebrows works perfectly for me, so this is how I do them!

First of I apply my foundation and mascara as normal. I then get my eyebrow brush which I mentioned in my March Favourites post and use the brush end to give my eyebrows a brush, so they’re all in the same direction. I then switch the brush around and using the angled end dab it gently in to my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade and starting from the middle part of my eyebrow start to fill in. On my left eyebrow I have a scar where annoyingly no hair grows, so I have to fill this part in a bit heavier than the rest of my eyebrow otherwise it looks like I have one of those chavvy eyebrow slits *hands over face emoji*


Once I’m done with the middle part and the arch, I then move down towards the front of my eyebrow and start to fill in. I only fill in where I have hair and I line it up with the inner corner and outer corner of my eye. I don’t like the front bit of my eyebrow to look too dark and full, so I leave it quite light.


Once I’m happy with how both eyebrows look, I give them a quick brush again. To give them that crisp fresh look I get my Real Techniques Detailer Brush, which is perfect for this, get a little bit of concealer and do a line underneath my brow and blend it in. And that’s it! Pretty simple, especially when I have work I don’t spend too much time on them, but when I’m going out I tend to take a little more time to do them.

If you have any brow products you’d like to recommend to me, leave a comment below!

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