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Hello my lovelies hope you’re all well! We’re half way through the week! This post idea has come from the lovely lexilife95 which we actually had similar things in common so tehy may crop up on here! The idea of this post is to give you all a chance to get to me know a bit better. So here I go!

1. I’m allergic to cats
Yet I have two cats! Tommi the ginger one and Susie the tabby one were both strays so my family and I took them in! Before taking them in I didn’t know I was allergic to cats, but I wouldn’t change it for the world! The puffy, swollen, itchy red eyes and the not being able to breathe is worth it, because they’re the best cats ever! Susie is the neediest cat ever, she always wants cuddles which is super cute and Tommi is definitely a Garfield lookalike, he is a big cat but he is beautiful! I love them both lots!

2. I love to read
I’ve always loved reading! When I was younger I was obsessed with the Jacqueline Wilson books, I pretty much had all of them! My favourite’s are The Fault in Our Stars, The Perks of Being A Wallflower, Looking for Alaska and The Girl on The Train – I loved the last book so much that I re-read it like five times! And even better they’re bringing it out as a film later this year!!!! 

3. I’m a sucker for trashy TV
I love programmes like The Only Way is Essex, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Come Dine With Me, Take Me Out, Made in Chelsea, Love Island – I could go on but you get the jist? My boyfriends hates that I watch these but I don’t care! I love sitting down with a cup of tea on the sofa or in bed watching these, there’s just something about them all that you can’t stop watching!

4. I’m really sentimental
I have a box filled with lots of different items from the past two years with my boyfriend. It ranges from cinema tickets to hundreds of photos, to leaflets from days out, to attraction tickets, to anniversary/birthday cards, anything from our holidays- everything. I literally keep everything.

5. Favourite Smells
Freshly cut grass
Freshly brewed coffee
Outside after it’s rained
A yummy dinner cooking
My boyfriend’s aftershave
The smell of fresh bed sheets

6. My Favourite Season is Autumn
I love everything about it from the clothes, to the colours, to the chilly air, to the sound of crunchy leaves! The seasonal drinks come out at Starbucks; the Pumpkin Spice Latte is my favourite, YUM! Bonfire night happens, so does Halloween which means watching horror films all night long is acceptable! There’s just no better feeling than getting all cosy!

7. I love sleep
I could happily sleep all day. I’m an 80 year old woman at heart, if I’m not out on a weekend during the day I can’t help but have a nap. I’m just constantly tired haha! My boyfriend hates it though! If I’m over his and we put a film on or watch one our TV programmes, I always fall asleep. So annoyingly I end up missing half the film or about 3 episodes! Damn it! But no matter how hard I try I can’t stay awake! Writing this post I’m thinking about how I could do with a nap hehe.

8. I have a massive sweet tooth
I love desserts, chocolate, sweets, ice-cream, anything that is sweet and sugary! It’s my biggest weakness and downfall and my figure is starting to show this now haha! I just can’t resist a sweet treat! That being said I also love cheese, especially melted cheese! I will smother mashed potato in it, beans, any kind of pasta dish, I add more on a cheese and tomato pizza! Ugh I just love it so much!

9. Fears
I am terrified of spiders and clowns. Literally to the point of crying terrified. No matter what size the spider is I can’t go near it, I hate them with a passion. Even writing this is sending a shiver down my spine! And clowns. Creepy scary things. That’s enough said.

10.  I have OCD
This is more of a personal one. Everything has it’s ‘place’ in my room and I hate if someone touches or moves something and doesn’t put it back in the correct place. Everything needs to be even and done in a way that’s just right, otherwise if it isn’t I get very frustrated to the point of nearly crying! It makes me feel so uncomfortable if things aren’t how I want them or they should be. It often causes arguments between my parents and me! I’m even like this at work, and being at work is the hardest as I can’t do things how I want them and it really makes me uncomfortable! I also hate touching door handles, railings to stairs etc in public places as the thought of what germs could be on them makes me sick! I hate using public toilets, I try to avoid using them at all costs and even the toilets at work cos they’re communal with the other offices! 

Another kind is that anything to do with volume has to be on an even number. Even if I’m in someone else’s house, their car, I make sure they put the volume on an even number. Again it makes me feel uncomfortable and I just have a thing about odd numbers, I just associate them with some badness and that something bad will happen! That being said I’m also superstitious, I hate Friday the 13th (this Friday is Friday the 13th too!!), I don’t step on cracks in the payment, I never walk under ladders and if I see a black cat on the street, I avoid it!


Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better!
Feel free to comment and copy this post, but tag me so I can have a read!

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