Review: Bondi Sands Self Tan Foam

Happy Friday my lovelies!
When it comes to England having a faux tan is pretty much essential in the summer months, as we rarely have hot, sunny days and then when we do they creep up on us! So when the sun finally decides to show its face I want to be able to dress for it; dresses, playsuits etc, however I wasn’t blessed with naturally beautiful tanned skin!! Therefore I resemble the ‘casper’ sort of shade as my boyfriend so lovingly puts it and so I turn to a product to help me fake the ‘bronzed’ look I’m after.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetTo create that golden bronze look I use a self tan by an Australian Company named Bondi Sands. This is honestly the best self tan I’ve ever used! For £14.99 you get a decent 200ml sized bottle with a pump and I use the shade dark, which also comes in light/medium. With this tan you can wash it off after an hour or if you’d like a darker tan you can leave the product on for up to six hours.

Before I use the self tan I exfoliate so my skin is moisturiser and oil free and exfoliating helps the tan last much longer. The pumps are very generous so I use one pump for each arm and chest and two pumps for each of my legs. I apply the tan with a mitt to avoid orange palms and it just blends much easier, leaving no uneven patches or streaks. It dries in no time at all which is great as there is nothing worse than waiting for fake tan to dry! I normally apply the tan at night before bed as it gives the tan 7+ hours to develop and then wash off the excess in the morning.

  As for the smell. Oh my god. This is the nicest smelling self tan ever. No longer do I have to put up with that biscuit like smell on my skin but smell of coconuts instead! It’s such a lovely fresh scent which is great if you’ve applied this last minute before heading out the door!

Before application


1 hour after application


The next morning


It has a green base which gives you a lovely all over bronze glow rather than the dreaded oompa loompa shade! So as you can see even one hour after application the tan started to develop into a lovely bronze colour and by morning it had darkened a lot more. Thing I love most about this self tan is that it actually lasts quite a long time, even after a week I still have a bronze glow to my skin.

I would 100% recommend this self tan!

Have you tried anything from the Bondi Sands range?

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12 thoughts on “Review: Bondi Sands Self Tan Foam

  1. That tan looks so natural! That’s my biggest problem; trying to find a lotion that looks natural instead of making me a part of the Oompa Loompa clan. Great post as always XO

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  2. I’ve only ever tried fake tan once when I was 17, I think it was a £2 dove one. I went bright orange so I’ve been too scared to use one ever since! I’m intrigued by Bondi Sands, I really want to give it a go! xxx


    1. Ah that’s not a good experience with fake tan! You won’t go orange with Bondi Sands as it has a green base, which gives you a brown tan instead of orange! Have a look into it, they’re have a selection of different self tanning products 🙂 xo

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