Weekend Round Up

Morning my lovelies! How quickly did that weekend go by?! Can’t believe it’s Monday again already! I hope you all had a lovely weekend though and got up to lots of fun stuff! This is a short post just to share with you what I got up to!

Does anyone else feel like this about Monday’s?IMG_20160516_064010Saturday
Saturday morning was a pretty chilled one, I laid in bed for a while checking my social media and blog, then made a yummy caramel chococino in our coffee machine and watched an episode of ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ – if you haven’t watched this series on Netflix I recommend you do, it’s amazing and you get hooked from the first episode! I then went for breakfast with my parents and sister which was yummy, I had a fry up which is naughty of me as I rarely eat them and I’m trying to diet!

My boyfriend then came over late afternoon and we chilled out for a bit before heading to the cinema! We went for some dinner beforehand in the restaurant above the cinema which mainly does pizza’s and a few pasta dishes, I went for a pizza called ‘Milano’ which had salami, chunks of red onion and mozzarella on and it was so good! We went and saw Captain America: Civil War which was amazing – I am a massive Marvel geek! If you haven’t seen it definitely go and watch it and if you do, there is also two after credit scenes so make sure you stay until the very end!

Again Sunday morning was very chilled my boyfriend and I had nothing planned so we lazed about in bed for a few hours and then got some breakfast. After that we showered and got ready and decided to go to a nearby pub to enjoy the sun as it was decent weather yesterday. We went to a pub named the Poacher and Partridge which is one of our favourite places to go, the food is amazing and it’s out in the countryside so it’s perfect for when the sun is out! I had a yummy BBQ pulled pork roll with chips which was only £5.50! Rekorderlig is the only thing I drink in the summer, especially the Strawberry and Kiwi flavoured one! We spent a few hours here then headed back to mine where Loui watched the Arsenal game in the garden and I chilled on my phone! My mum made my family a massive roast dinner which was so yummy!

Hope you enjoyed reading, let me know if you like reading these kinds of posts as I’ll keep doing them!

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