I’m a Coconut Queen?! + exclusive 20% off discount code

I stumbled across Coconut Lane earlier this month and I am so glad I did. I love what they’re about – marble, quirky, unicorns, pineapples and all things sassy!

So what is Coconut Lane?
“Coconut Lane launched in Oct 2015 and is all about putting the chic and sassy in home and fashion accessories. What do we sell? Think Unicorns, Mermaids and Mean Girls, add a touch of marble, a sprinkle of glitter and a Pineapple on top. Oh and a whole load of sassy slogans.”


When I found out they collaborated with all kinds of Bloggers – big or small,  I knew I had to get in touch with them straight away! I spoke with the CEO and founder of Coconut Lane, Charlotte, who was very lovely. She got back to me straight away to say I would be a fab addition to the team, so here I am! I’m officially a Coconut Queen.

They do all sorts of gorgeous, quirky items from wall art to jewellery to phone case and stationary. And it’s all so reasonably priced too! I’ve seen so much I want to buy when I get paid tomorrow, so expect to see a Coconut Lane haul very soon!

If you’re interested in checking out their website then click here: Coconut-Lane and if want to purchase a few things, I have an exclusive discount code for you lovely people – just enter keeley20 at the checkout to get 20% off your order!

Happy shopping!

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