How I Take & Edit My Photos

I’ve seen a few of these blog posts and I always find them really helpful and interesting. How I edit my photos has changed a lot over the years as I now know what works best for creating bright, capturing photos. I like to keep how I edit my photos pretty simple and I use the same way for every photo, so if you’d like to know how I do it, keep on reading!

I take all my photos on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge so nothing fancy and I always try to take my photos in natural light, as I find you get a much better result. I will just hold down on the place I want the camera to focus and lock it so I ge a crisp, clear outcome.

I used to just use a piece of my bedroom furniture to take the pictures on as it’s white, but I decided to pick up some wallpaper samples to use as a photo background. I think it adds a lovely touch to the photo! The main app I use to edit my photos is VSCO.


So on VSCO I use the HB1 filter and depending on how much natural light I’ve used for the picture, I drop the filter down to around 8. I then up the exposure by 2 to give it a more bright look and depending on the photo I adjust the sharpness of it.


Depending on what I use as a background I’ll use an app called Facetune and use the whiten option to whiten the background to make the products stand out. I didn’t use it on this photo as the background didn’t need it.

Hope this was a helpful post and if you have any edititing tips/apps for me to try out, leave a comment below!

WHITE singate


6 thoughts on “How I Take & Edit My Photos

  1. It’s really interesting to see how other people do this! I struggle to take nice photos whilst I’m here at uni because my room has a tiny window so it’s always dark, but VSCO helps me a lot to sort this out. Great post 🙂 x

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