NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review

Hello my lovelies! Hope you’re all well and having a good week so far, it’s nearly the weekend!
If you had read my Mini Payday Haul post you would have seen that I bought two NYX lip creams at the weekend! My local Boots store has recently opened up a NYX stand which I had no idea about, so I when I went into town with my boyfriend and popped into boots, I was incredibly happy to see the stand right in front of me! My boyfriend however, was not amused in the slightest as I was taking forever to browse all the beautiful goodies!

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Left: London | Right: Rome

I could have easily spent a lot of money on products but as my boyfriend was complaining at how long I was taking, I only managed to pick up two of the soft matte lip creams…  Life lesson girls, don’t take your boyfriend shopping with you! There was so many beaut shades to choose from but I had my eye on a few that I had seen online. I went for the shades; London and Rome. These are honestly the loveliest shades ever and I am so in love with them!

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I personally think London is a very similar brown nude shade to that of Velvet Teddy by MAC, it’s maybe just a hint bit lighter. But as Velvet Teddy is my all time favourite lipstick in the world I’m so glad I’ve found another lip product near enough the same colour for a lot less money. Rome is a dusty rose-pink which I think will be perfect for both Summer and Autumn months.

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Top: London | Bottom: Rome

The formula is a lovely creamy, smooth consistency which applies creamy but dries completely matte. Although they’re both the exact same lip product, I find London is more drying on my lips than Rome, it almost felt like how a face mask feels on your skin! Apart from that though I love these lip products and I will definitely be purchasing more from this range! For £5.50 each I think these are a bargain considering how brilliant the quality of the product is!

Have you tried any of the soft matte lip creams?

WHITE singate


24 thoughts on “NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review

    1. I’ve seen a few of your vlogs, but haven’t seen your recent ones but will check them out! It’s such a beaut colour isn’t it, I’ve already worn it a lot! We definitely do have great taste hehe xo

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  1. I need to try both of those colors ASAP!! I have the “stockholm” Nyx matte lip cream and I LOVE it so much I bought 2!


  2. My local Boots recently brought in a sleek stand, so hopefully there will be a nyx one soon too! Yeah I always regret taking my boyfriend with me when shopping haha. He always questions whether I NEED that makeup or skincare product. I don’t need this questioning! Haha xx

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      1. Hope so! I know! Haha. My boyfriend just spent £50 on games all the time, and I don’t complain haha x


  3. I’m in love with the liquid suede in the shade tea and cookies! there so long lasting its amazing, check out my latest post and you’ll see it featured in there ❤ anchoredteapot.com


  4. Rome is such a gorgeous colour! I love the NYX matte lip creams, I have 5 of them, but really want to get my hands on some other shades, they’re such a lovely consistency!
    And I agree, boyfriends and shopping are an awful combination! xx

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    1. I’m so glad I saw it, its definitely my new favourite colour to wear! I can’t wait to buy more! I’m going to London next weekend so I’ll definitely be picking up some more then! 🙂 xo

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