The ‘Boyfriend Explains What Makeup is’ Tag

Hello my lovelies, hope you’re all well the weekend is just around the corner! I saw this funny tag from a girl recommends – check out her tag, her boyfriends answers are funny! I thought this was such a good idea and it would be so interesting to see how much (not much at all) attention my boyfriend pays to me applying my makeup. He’s never shown an interest in my makeup and hates going in to makeup stores with me, so hopefully this educates him a bit!


20160416_173145 cropped

BB Cream – Wrinkle cream? It is isn’t it?

Primer – *confused face* Primer…. Primer, erm well a primer on something else is like a base coat, so like that?

Foundation – Foundation is, you put it on your face and it makes your skin, I duno it covers everything up?

Concealer – Covers up blemishes, everyone knows what that is! (he was pretty chuffed getting that one straight away)

Powder – What like baby powder? (lol) I duno it powders your face…

Brow gel – Make your eyebrows thick

Eye Shadow – Makes your eyelids a different colour

Eyeliner – Makes your eyes big, it’s like a marker pen yeah. Make you line your eyes so you know where they are, it goes around your eyes

Mascara – Makes your eyelashes bigger

Corrector – If your makeup looks bad, it sorts it out (bless him)

Contour – What does that even mean? *confused face* (he literally had no clue)

Blusher – You put it on your cheeks to make you look rosy, so it looks like you’re constantly blushing

Bronzer – You put it on your face and it gives you a bronzed look

Highlighter – You highlight the crap bits of your makeup (yes Loui because all us girls want to highlight our awful makeup…)

Setting Spray – Makes your makeup dry, sets it

Lip Liner – Makes your lips bigger, you put it on like the outer part of your lip..


Well that was interesting, Loui literally pays zero attention to me doing my makeup or anything, but hopefully me correcting him on what they are, he would have learnt something. But I guess I’ll never been getting surprise makeup as a present looking at his answers to these haha!

Feel free to do this tag and tag me if you do as I’d love to read the answers!

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