Another Primark Haul

If you can’t already tell , I love Primark. I think they do some amazing items for such a reasonable price and half the time I can’t believe I’ve picked up some bits that don’t even look like they’re for Primark! I love it when people are like “omg where is this from” and they’re expecting you to say somewhere fancy and you’re like “Primark” haha! It’s honestly such a great shop and yeah sometimes their stuff can be a bit meh but more often than not I always come out of the shop feeling successful!

I went to Lakeside last weekend primarily to find some stuff my parents can get me for my birthday, but it wasn’t very successful! However, I did pick myself up a few little goodies from Primark, so here’s what I got:

image1 (2)

How amazing are these 2 underwear sets! *heart eyes emoji*. I literally fell in love with these as soon as I saw them and I cannot believe these were from Primark!! The pink lace set was £8.00 for the bra and £4.00 for the knickers and the black lace floral set was £8.00 for the bra and £3.00 for the knickers. The grey loungewear was £5.00 for both bra & knickers – absolute bargain! They also came in black and pink too!

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Next, I had to check out their beauty section. I’ve purchased the Angled Brow Brush before and I love it so much, so I had to pick up an extra 2 as for £1.00 throwing them away after a few months doesn’t matter! I had seen the PS Pro Blending Brush floating around on a few Insta’s and I have seen the professional ones selling for £15+ on Amazon and I thought for £2.50 and £4.00 you can’t go wrong, especially if they aren’t all that great and you don’t get on with them.

I’m yet to try the PS Pro Blending Brushes as I still have my tan from Morocco and I’m not wearing any foundation but when I use them, I’ll definitely be doing a review on these!


Let me know if you’ve used the Blending Brushes yet!

WHITE singate


11 thoughts on “Another Primark Haul

  1. Such pretty underwear.

    I really want to get those ps pro make up brushes 😩 My primark never goes good stuff. Can you review them? I hear mixed reviews on them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Do you know Makeup Revolution? They’ve just brought out their own range of the blending brushes and they have an online website 🙂 Yes I’ll be reviewing them very soon so keep your eyes peeled! 🙂


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