10 Reasons Why Autumn is THE Best Seaon

Autumn is by far my favourite season, I could definitely name more than 10 reasons why but you would be here forever reading them. I’m so excited for it to start getting cooler, for all the autumn colours to come into the shops, for the leaves to start turning different colours and it’s now acceptable to wear dark lips and dark nail polish! So if you love Autumn like me, keep on reading!

1. Pumpkin Spice Lattes. These are the best things ever invented.

2. The Fashion. Oversized jumpers, boots, coats, scarves and not to forget, the cosy fleeced pj’s. Anything cosy is a winner for Autumn.

3. Cold Nights. Goodbye hot, humid heat at night, hello cold air and getting snuggly in bed.

4. Halloween, Bonfire Night & Christmas. Best holidays out of the whole year. Enough said

5. The clocks go back. More time in bed and who doesn’t love an extra hour of sleep


6. Dark lips & nail polish. I am a massive lover of a dark lip; reds, purples, browns and the same goes for nail polish too. Missed having black nails

7. Autumnal colours. Mustard, rust, kahki, berry reds. All the best colours

8. Candles. It’s acceptable to have 100 candles burning at once – obviously that’s an exaggeration as that would be dangerous, but you get my drift, right?

9. Walks. Living in the countryside is the best thing when it’s Autumn. Going for a walk in the crisp air is something I love. Stepping on the crunchy leaves and just enjoying all that Autumn has to offer

10. Comfort Food. Lots and lots of it too. Roast dinners come back in full force!



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