Monthly Favourites: September

How are we only 3 months away from the end of 2016?! Absolutely crazy! However, I am happy summer is out the way and we can now focus on Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas!!!!!!!! Hands up if you agree the next 3 months are the best out of the whole year?! So now that we’re in the first week of October, I thought I would share with you what I’ve been loving th past month.


I thought I would start with the only non-beauty related item.. The Office US. I have already seen the entire 9 seasons countless times but my boyfriend and I have decided to start watching it again, and oh my god I forgot how hilarious the show is. It is truly brilliant and if you haven’t seen this show already, then you need to.


It’s October which means it’s nearly Christmas so it’s acceptable to bring out the Snow Fairy! I get this every year for Christmas and actually got quite a bit last year so this was still brand new up until a month ago. I adore the smell of this product and it just gets me so excited for Christmas!

Boots Teatree & Witch Hazel Jelly Moisturiser is a life saver if you suffer with oily skin like me! I have been using this product a lot more since the weather has started to get colder and to change my makeup look to more of a matte finish.

NYX HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder is insane. I have been using this non-stop since I got it and I love it. It keeps my makeup in place all day long – which being a sufferer of oily skin this stuff is an absolute god send. I don’t find myself having to blot my face throughout the day or having to apply more foundation. It’s honestly the best powder I’ve ever used!


P.S Pro Oval Blending Brushes from Primark are amaaaaazing! These honestly give you such a flawless finish to your foundation without having to break the bank and it makes applying foundation so much more easier. 

October means only one thing.. the return of the dark lipsticks! I’ve loved wearing the shade Rome by NYX lately, it’s the perfect tranisitional shade from Summer to Autumn.

NYX HD Studio Concelear is one of the best concelears I have ever used. It covers all my imperfections amazingly and it doesn’t feel too cakey or heavy on the skin. Annoyingly though, as you can see all the writing has rubbed off the packaging which gets left all over your hand!!

What are some things you’ve been loving the past month?



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