Fall Favourites Tag

Happy Monday my lovelies! I’m all about Autumn so I was happy to be tagged by the lovely Alice at Alice Rambles to do the Fall Favourites Tag, so thank you for that! If like me you love Autumn then continue reading to find out my favourites!

1. Favourite Candle
I don’t actually own any ‘autumn’ scented candles but I need to get my hands on some, so if you have any recommendations please leave a comment!

2. Favourite Lip Product
Anything dark. Dark lips are my favourite thing so I’m happy Autumn is back – I’ve been loving wearing Rome by NYX Cosmetics as it’s the perfect transitional shade from Summer to Autumn. I also love Studded Kiss which is a deep red and Media which is a reddish-purple shade both by MAC. I need to buy more as you can never have to many dark lip options!

3. Favourite Nail Polish
Again anything dark! Blacks, dark purples, dark greys, dark reds. I normally get gels done at my local nail salon so I never know what make they are. But High Street brands I love nail polish by Rimmel London, Maybelline and Barry M.

4. Favourite Trendy Clothing Item
I wouldn’t really say I’m a trendy kinda girl, for me comfort is key so I would probably say a pair of skinny jeans, as they go with everything! And perhaps a nice coat, I always think a nice coat can complete an outfit nicely.

5. Favourite Comfy Clothing Item
Oversized jumpers. I cannot for the life of me get enough of these. They’re so simple to wear, just throw it on with some skinny jeans and some ankle boots and you’re good to go.

6. Favourite Shoes
Ankle boots or over the knee boots. But I do actually wear loafers quite a lot in Autumn!

7. Favourite Accessory
Apart from my everyday jewellery I wear, I don’t tend to wear accessories but as it starts to get colder there’s nothing better than a nice cosy scarf to wrap around your neck and complete an outfit.

8. Halloween or Thanksgiving
Halloween as England doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving but I’d like to experience Thanksgiving one day.

9. Favourite drink
Pumpkin Spice Latte.

10. What’s the happiest part about fall for you?
The cosy evenings in, the fashion, the colours, the seasonal drinks, crisp cold air, Halloween & Bonfire Night, fires, candles, snuggly pj’s and slippers. If I list any more you’ll be here all evening reading this!

That’s all the questions which has me so excited for the rest of Autumn! Hope you enjoyed reading and I tag the following to do the Fall Favourites tag:

1. lexilife95

2. jessicajadebeauty

3. anchoredteapot

4. penchantsandprejudice

Hope you girls enjoy doing the tag! Have a good Monday night!



4 thoughts on “Fall Favourites Tag

    1. There isn’t a Bath and Body Works in England I don’t think, so would have to get it online! But that sounds like it would smell amazing!! Definitely have a go at it, would love to read your answers 🙂

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