Dry Brush Cleaning with Shadow Switch

Do you love wearing eye-shadow but hate using multiple brushes to create a beaut eye look so the colours don’t mix? Yeah me too, that’s why this is the must have product for you! The lovely people at Dee & Co sent me this amazing innovative beauty tool called Shadow Switch* from Beauty Essentials, that makes brush cleaning all that much easier!

* This is a PR sample and all opinions are 100% my own


First thing first, the packaging. I absolutely love it, it’s super eye catching and tells you exactly what the product is just from one look at it. On one side of the packaging you have step-by-step instructions on how to use the product, on the other you have 7 little, informative points on the product and on the back of the packaging it tells you about Shadow Switch and has a more detailed description on the directions to use the product.


Shadow Switch comes in a palm sized tin and is very lightweight so is perfect for on the go use. My first thought when I opened the tin lid was “Oh this is interesting” because inside is a wired looking sponge that resembles a scouring pad! I was a bit skeptical as to whether this product would actually work as how can a product that is completely dry like the desert, clean brushes?! I was so intrigued to see how this would work I had to test it out straight away and I was amazed!

I used a black shade from my Makeup Revolution Flawless palette as I thought this would be a difficult colour to clean. As you can see for the below pictures, Shadow Switch really does work and it does a great job. I tested the brush over the back of my hand once cleaned and there was no product left on the bristles, it was 100% clean!

To clean your brushes all you have to do is in between each colour change, press down on the sponge, swirl the brush in a circular motion and ta-dah one clean brush in a matter of seconds. Thanks to the step-by-step instructions on the side of the packaging, it’s super easy and quick to use. The wired looking sponge extracts all traces of pigment from the bristles, stopping the possibility of mixing colours when using the same brush. This then means that us lazy girls who hate using 100 different brushes at a time, can now use just one brush to create an entire eye makeup look! Genius!

Maintaining your Shadow Switch is easy too – just use warm water and fragrance free soap to clean it and then leave to dry. Beauty Essentials recommend you refill the product every two months for hygiene reasons.

For £5.99 from Amazon you can try Shadow Switch out for yourself!

Have you tried Shadow Switch yet?




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