Over the weekend I took a trip to Canterbury with my boyfriend for his 24th birthday getaway and what a lovely time we had! I just had to go in to Lush which my boyfriend hated as the smell apparently gives him a ‘headache’! I really could spend hours in this shop just smelling all the fantastic things they have to offer, but I already knew what I wanted to get my hands on, so this was quick in and out trip! In total I picked up £25.00 worth of fantastic smelling goodies!



The first thing I knew I wanted to pick up from Lush was the Snow Fairy Body Conditioner!  If like me you love Snow Fairy shower gel then you need this in your life too. I believe this a fairly new product, which you apply to wet skin. I’m always a bit skeptical about lotions you use in the shower as I don’t get how it works, but I just had to try this one as I adore the shower gel version. They had 2 options for sizes, 100g for £7.95 and 225g for £13.95 – this being my first time trying an in shower body conditioner, I opted for the 100g pot.



I mentioned above Snow Fairy Body Conditioner is meant for wet use but I’m sure you could apply it to dry skin too.The consistency is very buttery and the conditioner is packed with ingredients such as cocoa butter and avocado which really help keep your skin feeling super smooth and hydrated. Like the shower gel the body conditioner also contains little iridescent sparkles and is scented just as much as the shower gel, leaving your skin smelling like candy-floss for ages!

I tried Snow Fairy Body Conditioner for the first time the other night and I absolutely love this stuff! It left my skin feeling so soft and smelt like candy floss all day long! I can definitely see myself buying the 225g pot next!


The Magic of Christmas wand is a reusable bubble bar infused with cinnamon, almond oil and orange oil and these ingredients are meant to help stimulate the skin and boost circulation. I tried the Magic Wand reusable bubble bar last year but fancied giving this one a try instead, and I actually prefer the scent of The Magic of Christmas. It smells sweet and spicy at the same time and just like the name it reminds you of Christmas. All you have to do with this product is swirl the wand around your bath and it creates lots of bubbles! To reuse again, just place on the side in a cool area to dry.


Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar has hints of lime, grapefruit and juniperberry all blended together to create a lovely scent that is fruity but also Autumnal. It is covered in glitter so you will get glitter absolutely everywhere with this one. I am so excited to give this a try one evening, I may even use it Halloween night to get in the full spirit of Halloween!


Candy Mountain Bubble Bar smells similar to Snow fairy; sweets, candy floss and Christmas all rolled in one. I tend to always repurchase this bubble bar around this time as it looks super cute and smells divine. It creates a lot of bubbles and turns the water a lovely pink shade and you come out smelling of candy floss – what’s not to love?!


Autumn Leaf is a bath bomb that is meant to signify the start of Winter. From it’s appearance it looks very Autumnal however I don’t think it smells that way, it has more of a fresh, summery scent to it. The smell though is lovely and I’m excited to see what colour this turns my bath!

Have you tried any of these? What are some of your favourite LUSH products?



9 thoughts on “LUSH Haul

  1. I love how your boyfriend said that the smell of the store gives him a headache, such a typical boy response LOL I totally envision my boyfriend saying the SAME exact thing to get himself out of going into a store with me!

    xo, JJ

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