2016 Favourites

I have a confession…. I kinda, sorta lost motivation with blogging a few months back. I feel like a lot bloggers may have experienced this towards the end of the year. But now that Christmas and New Years are done with and we’re in the first week of January, I’m feeling motivated and am back to blogging!

Here’s what I loved throughout 2016!

Marrakech, Morroco
Back in July my boyfriend and I took a two week break to Marrakech, Morroco and what an experience that was. The heat was unbearable reaching 50 degrees some days, the hotel was spread out across 13 acres of gardens filled with beautiful flowers and ponds with koi and turtles. We did three excursions; a guided tour through the souks/medina and jamaâ el fna square (the square was a terrifying experience) the cascades ouzoud and a camel ride across the palmeraie.

Going out for yummy food
One of my favourite things to do is go out for breakfast/lunch/dinner with my boyfriend or friends. There’s nothing better than having a good chin wag over so good food and enjoying some cocktails. My favourite restaurant of 2016 was definitely Bill’s and if you’ve never been to one, you’re missing out!! For 2017 I really want to try a new restaurant every month as there are so many nice places to try out!

2016 was the year I kinda got obsessed with Lush, I am loving their products more and more, everything just smells so good! My favourite thing I tried from Lush was the Snow Fairy Body Conditioner! It leaves my skin smelling of candy floss all day long and not to mention how smooth my skin feels too!

My bedroom
My bedroom is my pride and joy, I have spent majority of 2016 redecorating it and finishing it off and I’m still doing it now! Everything in my room has come out of my own wage and I’m so happy with how it’s coming along! As you can tell, I’m pretty obsessed with white… haha! This is where I love to spend most of time, just chilling out. It’s my happy place!

2016 was full of some really, really good tv series! Below are just a few I loved watching throughout 2016 and am so excited for them to continue in 2017!

2 Years with my boyfriend
Never in my life did I think I would spend this long with someone, especially Loui. After having a massive crush on him at school and him being the year above I never ever thought I’d have a chance with him.. then six years later, here we are having celebrated our 2 years together. I honestly could not be more grateful for this boy. He makes me so unbelievably happy and I’m so incredibly lucky to have a man like him by my side. I honestly feel like I could do anything with him, he has taught me so much and is the kindest, most caring person I’ve ever met. I’m excited to see what 2017 brings us!

Hope 2017 brings you all what you want and here’s to blogging in 2017!



12 thoughts on “2016 Favourites

  1. Morocco, omg heart eyes!!!! I always said I want to go there, get a rug and get a henna lol I love the all white everything in your room, or all white in general, it always makes the room looks so clean and much bigger than it actually is! You and your boyfriend are too cute! Congrats to 2 years and wishing you guys many many more!!! Also, did you hear that PLL is coming back?! I’m not sure if its just a rumor but I heard that its going to reair!

    xo, JJ

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    1. It was such an amazing place and I will definitely be going back!! All white everything is nice however shows up so much dust, so have to dust every week haha! Hehe thank you so much 🙊 yeah it’s back in April for the last 10 ever episodes!!!!!!!! Gunna be so exciting to see what happens! xo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow Morocco looks like such a beautiful place and that henna looks pretty! Your bedroom is GORGEOUS! I love white too! If I had a room that pretty, I’d spend all day in there too, lol. Congrats on 2 years with your bae! I hope 2017 is even better for the both of us!

    Liked by 1 person

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