L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks | Detox & Purity


With the new L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask range offering three new masks; Detox, Purity and Glow, there’s a product for each skin need. Each of the clay masks contain the same ingredients such as; Koalin an effective natural clay to help absorb impurities and excess sebum, Montmorillonite a clay rich in minerals which helps to eliminate imperfections and Ghassoul which is highly concentrated in minerals to help clarify your complexion. Each mask also contains their own unique active ingredient offering different results; Detox = Charcoal, Purity = Eucalyptus and Glow = Red Algae.

Out of the three masks, I chose Detox and Purity. I found the description of these masks would benefit my skin the most. The masks come in a 50 ml glass pot with each one claiming to give you around 10 applications; as you’re only supposed to apply this 2-3 times a week, I can imagine you could squeeze out a few more applications.


Detox Mask

The active ingredient in the Detox mask is Charcoal helping to draw out any dirt and impurities embedded in your pores, whilst also absorbing excess oils. As someone who suffers with oily skin occasionally and wears make up on a daily basis, this appealed to me a lot. The mask formula is just like any other, a medium to thick consistency which feels silky and cooling on skin. I was worried this would dry my skin out but that wasn’t the case at all, it’s super moisturising, leaving my face feeling smooth and really clean. I really felt like I had just had a really expensive facial, my skin felt that detoxed! It also has really lovely fresh, almost perfume like smell to it which you can smell as soon as you take the lid off!


Purity Mask

Eucalyptus is the active ingredient in the  the Purity mask and is formulated to deeply clean and purify your pores and soak up any excess oil – taking away the shine but not drying your skin out. The Eucalyptus in the mask gives it a lovely fresh smell and the consistency compared to the Detox mask is more light and creamy. I found I had to apply more product to get a good coverage and because of this the mask took longer to dry out, which then made my face start to itch! However, this mask helps to combat my daily shine which is one of the reasons I wanted to try it out. It did leave my skin feeling smooth too but a little dry around my nose area, but nothing a little bit of moisturiser can’t sort out.

Have you tried any of the L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask range? What are your thoughts on them?



8 thoughts on “L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks | Detox & Purity

  1. I’m such a fan of anything charcoal related for my skin, I swear it works miracles! I’ve been using a charcoal facial cleanser and it’s been my best friend ever since I started using it. I’m almost certain that I would love the detox face mask as well. What was the price range for the mask?

    xo, JJ

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  2. I can relate with you when you say you are someone who suffer of oily skin and wear makeup on a daily basis, also I have a lot of black heads, I’ll try the detox one as a lover of charcoal skin masks. Great review ☺️

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