Homeware WishList

I am a sucker for homeware items. I would happily spend my entire wage on pretty things for my bedroom or spend hours searching Pinterest for homeware inspo! I’m obsessed. I’ve been redecorating my room for a while now, I’m a massive perfectionist so everything needs to be perfect and just how I want it, and I’m always finding things to add to my room or change. As well as this, my boyfriend and I are looking to buy a house together in the next few years once we’ve saved enough, so I want to slowly start buying a few things here and there for our first home together.

As you can you can probably tell there’s a bit of theme with my room. I love colours such as; blush, white, grey, copper, rose gold, marble – typical blogger, I know! But they make my bedroom look and feel so fresh and light! I love minimalistic and simplicity with my room too so these items would be great additions to it!


Three Arm Copper & Marble Jewellery Stand / ‘A Cup of Tea And A Messy Bed’ Typography Print / Cushion Cover / ‘Enjoy The Little Things’ Typography Print / ‘Big Spoon Little Spoon’ Pillow Cases /  Copper Wired Basket / Copper Wall Hooks / Pink Sands Yankee Candle Jar / ‘Sleep In’ Typography Print / Kate Spade ‘Pretty & Witty’ Scented Candle / ‘Everything is Better in Pyjamas’ Pillow Case / Rose Gold Wire Candle Holder / Copper Metal Lamp / Lily Flame Fairy Dust Candle Jar / Initial ‘K’ Mug / Six  Faience Coffee Cups + Holder



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