Chloe Faye Dupe? Yes Please


When I saw the Chloe Faye bag I must admit I fell in love, however, I’m not one for spending more than £50 on a bag let alone over a £1,000 so I could only dream of owning this. I’m a sucker for finding dupes of high-end items so I was extremely happy when I found this absolute bargain of a dupe!

This amazing dupe was only £16 and wait for it… it’s from Matalan. I couldn’t believe it! I literally ran to it as soon as I saw it and there was no question about me buying this. It comes in a large size, with a zip and two pockets inside and has an adjustable strap. I love the suede detailing on the front as it breaks up the black a bit. It’s the perfect size to fit all my essentials in so it’s now my go-to bag for shopping or dinner. I love it! It may not be an exact dupe of the Chloe Faye bag but who cares, it was £16 and I didn’t have to take a loan out to just buy a bag! It also comes in tan just fyi.

If you want the Chloe Faye bag but for a lot, lot less then you can shop it here: Matalan



4 thoughts on “Chloe Faye Dupe? Yes Please

  1. This is such a good dupe! Even if it’s not exactly the same the bag’s beautiful in it’s own right. Matalan seem to have some amazing pieces at the minute and I’m loving it – my bank account however? Not so much!!
    Elen x

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