L’Oréal Fine Flowers Range



Can we please just admire how pretty and photogenic this range is?! 

L’Oréal’s new skincare range is called Fine Flowers and I am loving the colour of it all. The range is for people who have dry and/or sensitive skin, something I don’t tend to suffer with but lately I’ve noticed some dry patches and red areas on my skin. Just the name ‘Fine Flowers’ sounded like it would be gentle and nourishing on my skin so I decided to give it a try!

Within the range there is a milk cleanser, toner, gel cream wash and two different kinds of face wipes, I decided to try out the milk and toner as these appealed to me the most. Both products come in a generous 400ml sized bottle and are beautifully scented with Rose and Jasmine Flowers which both have amazing benefits. The Rose is good for soothing your skin and providing comfort to it whilst the Jasmine protects and moisturises your skin.

Fine Flowers Milk

“The L’Oréal Paris Laboratories have selected and combined extracts of Rose and Jasmine Flowers, in a make-up removing milk for soft, comfortable and fresh skin every day. The creamy texture removes makeup, nourishes and envelopes the skin in veil of softneess”

I’ve never used a Milk cleanser before so I was excited to try this. Firstly when I saw the word ‘Milk’ I was expecting this to be quite a runny product but it’s more of a cream like consistency. The Milk claims to remove your makeup whilst cleansing and nourishing your skin at the same time. It works really well at removing my makeup but I do prefer using a face wipe to remove the majority of it and then using the Milk to remove any excess makeup left. My skin felt amazing cleansed and moisturised without feeling greasy! And the scent is so fresh and delicate – it really smells like flowers!

Fine Flowers Toner

“The L’Oréal Paris Laboratories have selected and combined extracts of Rose and Jasmine Flowers, in a toner for soft, comfortable and fresh skin every day. The fresh texture invigorates the skin and eliminates the last traces of impurities, for a perfectly cleansed complexion”

The toner definitely has a thicker, almost slim-like kind of consistency to it than some I’ve tried in the past, this made me a bit scared I wouldn’t like how it felt on my skin. Once applied it felt moisturising and didn’t leave my skin feeling sticky at all, which from the consistency you’d think it would. It didn’t take long to dry either, leaving my skin feeling super smooth. It definitely removed the last traces of any makeup left on my skin and cleaned out any impurities. 

I’ve been using both these for the last week, morning and night and I am loving the results so far, will definitely be repurchasing these and trying out the other products in the range!

Have you tried anything from the L’Oréal Fine Flowers range? 



3 thoughts on “L’Oréal Fine Flowers Range

  1. Loved reading your post! I have the gel cream wash. And love how soft my skin feels after using it. But I’m undecided about the scent. Im not sure whether I’m on the fence about it because I’ve not really smelt anything like it before or whether I just don’t like it 🤷🏼‍♀️😊

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  2. I love the milk cleanser; it’s a very different consistency to how I imagined any type of makeup remover would be! The packaging and look of the range is so pretty, I’ll definitely have to go and find the rest of the range x


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